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The LEL group

The Language Research Laboratory (LEL) is part of the "Unidade Neurológica de Investigação Clinica", IMM, of Lisbon Faculty of Medicine. The main objective of this Unit is to investigate the biological basis of human cognition and behaviour in particular Language and Memory and its changes with normal development and ageing. This is accomplished by the neuropsychological study of healthy subjects, patients with brain lesions and the rehabilitation and follow-up of patients with aphasia and dementia. Isabel Pavão Martins (MD, PhD of Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa) is the Coordinator of this unit whose research team is composed by neurologists, psychologists and speech and language therapists. The main research areas are: aphasia, memory and dementia and neglect. The speech therapists team of this unit have participated in several international projects in searching new tools to rehabilitated aphasic patients:

1. The EU project "The evaluation of the efficacy of brain-damaged patients";

2. The EU Biomed 1 project, "European standardized computerized assessment procedure for the evaluation and rehabilitation of brain-damaged patients" (ESCAPE);

3. The project "Computer assisted Rehabilitation of Aphasia" ; and

4. The project "The brain and the behaviour: understanding the relationship between biological functions and behavioural symptoms".